Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

My bucket list is a bit extensive this summer. I have already knocked some things off of it. Since I have already finished my math centers which was priority number one, here is the rest of my to-do's...

1. Make as many anchor charts ahead of time as possible. Here are some that I have found on Pinterest that I will make ahead, laminate, and reuse year-after-year.

Good one Nonfiction anchor chart Questioning
bme Sequencing Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn in 1st Grade!: Whats Your Opinion?
2. I would also like to develop a plan for my writing block. I feel like I really need to work on how I teach writing. I know our school is working on everyone adopting a writing workshop format, but we really haven't had much direction and knowing me I always work best with a goal and plan in mind. I know that I am going to work on creating a writing process check-in chart to hang in my classroom.
3. Spend as much time with my baby as possible. I am dreading the thought of him going to a babysitter. He has changed so much in the last 7 weeks. I don't want to miss a thing.
Photo: :)  Photo: Someone likes looking at himself in the mirror.
4. Either find on TpT common core related learning objectives and I Can statements or create my own. Next year, we have to most objectives in our classroom. Of course I want mine to look super cute.
5. Create a space in my room where early finishers can have a place to find work to do. Last year I always said read a book. I got tired of saying it and they got tired of doing the same thing. (I was horrible. :( )
There's a short version of my list. :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Optimum Organization: How to Organize Math Centers

So I haven't been in my classroom teaching for 7 weeks now. And boy do I miss it! I love taking care of my baby boy, but I am excited to get back to work next school year.
Since I have been home, I have been all about organizing for next school year. My first project has been setting up my math centers for next school year. Supposedly we are getting a new math series next year so I organized my curriculum guide based on the math book that we will be using.
I then printed, laminated, cut, labeled, and organized my math centers. (My favorite part of being an organized teacher!!!!)
 Each center was placed in a manila envelope with the student directions glued to the front. Inside each folder are the pieces and worksheets that may go with the center.

 I labeled each center with the month, math chapter, and common core standard. (Sorry it's lopsided.)

Here are all the centers that I have completed so far. They just need placed in their monthly hanging file folder tub.
Then the folders are stored in my file folder hanging tubs labeled by month.
This is all I have for organization since I haven't been in my room. Hope this inspires you to get your math centers organized!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Back and my precious reason for being gone is...

I have been absent from the blogging world for 10 months now. I have still been looking at everyone else's blogs and have been inspired by your posts and resources, but I couldn't find the time or energy to work on my own TpT products or blog.

My very special reason for having no time or energy is....
Photo Photo: Wyatt smiling for the camera :) Photo: I'm one month old today. :)

I had a precious baby boy at the beginning of April. Last August I found out I was pregnant and physically it took a toll on my body. Between trying to prepare for my first year in 1st grade and "baking" a baby, I was exhausted! Not to mention I had a very difficult class this year. I had a mix of personalities and it was very exhausting trying to keep up with them.

But guess what!!! I am feeling back to my normal self and I am feeling more inspired than ever to do even a better job next school year. Yeah, I know you all have a couple of more weeks to finish off the 2012-2013 school year, but I have been on maternity leave for 5 weeks now and I am ready to start preparing for next school year! (I know, I'm crazy.) But I finally have my love and drive for teaching back!

Before I left for the year, I had to create my professional goals for next school year. My goal for next year is to focus on my math instruction and I would like to incorporate guided math lessons and math centers.

I am also going to be creating more resources of my own and I will be adding them to TpT. So be on the look out. Hopefully I can accomplish all of this while taking care of my newborn one month old baby (wow time is already going so fast). Wish me luck!