Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Classroom Behavior Management: The Clip System

So, I have never really been to fond of the clip system. The school I work at uses it but you can only move your clip down and there is nothing positive about it.
 Last year, I used a combination of the green, yellow, and red clip chart, and I also gave out stickers for positive behavior. The "sticker winners" system worked wonders. But this upcoming year I want to make a change to how I manage my student's behavior.
My goal is to combine the clip system with positive reinforcement like "sticker winners". I have done tons of searching on some great blogs and finally came up with a system that I think will work for myself and my students.
First, I needed to update my clip chart. I want my students to be able to move up for great behavior but still have them move down for bad behavior choices.
Here is a glimpse at what my behavior chart will work like. On the side of the picture is what my chart will end up looking like.
My chart has six different spots that my little ones can move to. Everyone will start on green (Ready to Learn). Then it is up them on where they will move to. I am a stickler for good behavior. I DO NOT just hand out prizes, stickers, rewards, etc. for little things. My students have to really show me that they are making the best choices possible. The same goes for bad behavior choices. I don't let my little ones slack. I hold them accountable for all the choices they make. (Wow, I sound like a meanie!) I'm really not that tough, but my students learn how things roll in our classroom. :)
My students can move up to purple (Great Day) and pink (Outstanding), which is the highest spot possible. They can also move down to yellow (warning), orange (Think About It), and blue (Teachers Choice).
I do like rewarding my students for their good choices and behavior. I have opted out of doing "sticker winners" this year. Instead, I have recently purchased Laura Martin's Classroom Rewards Coupons to Reward and Inspire from Peace, Love, and First Grade. I absolutely love these coupons. It was exactly what I had in mind and she saved me tons of time in creating for everyone to use! 
Just today, I purchased a great binder to place all the coupons in and I finished my Classroom Behavior Management: The Clip System Packet. I am well on my way to being behavior managementized! All I need to do it print, laminate, and make! (I am waiting until August to start putting things together.)
Here is my fabulous polka dot binder I bought from Wal-Mart. (BTW...I went to the store to get some things for my little man and BAM! school supplies were out! I about had a heart attack. Needless to say, I walked out of the store spending $50 more than I had planned. Oops)
In my behavior management packet, you will find tickets that I have created to give to my students who have made good behavior choices. These are the black and white version. There are also colored tickets to use too.
Here is my plan:
1. Any student who is on green, pink, or purple will get a ticket at the end of each day.
2. I am going to use my blank and white version of the tickets to save on color printing.
3. If a student is on green they will get one ticket. If they are on purple they will get two tickets. If they are on pink they will get 3 tickets. {Remember, I have very high expectation so they will have to work really hard to be on purple and pink.}
4. On Fridays, my students will have the opportunity to "cash in" their tickets for rewards.
5. I will have a "treasure box" with prizes that value 5 tickets each.
6. The classroom coupons will start at 10 coupons and go up.
7. Behavior calendars will go home each night in their take-home folders. (I was really bad about having them color in their behavior each day.)

8. I will keep track of why students moved their clips up or down for conferences sake.
I am also going to send home my family letter that explains my classroom's behavior management system.
There is also another version of the family letter that does not include the reward system if you do not implement that in your classroom.
I am really hoping that this system works and that my little ones will really enjoy it and thrive in my classroom.

Click on the picture to get our own Classroom Behavior Management: The Clip System packet.

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  1. What a comprehensive system! I love the behaviour trackers that go home, a great way to make the littles accountable for their choices. Do the parents have to sign or initial to say that they have seen it? I love a clipchart that gives students an opportunity to move both ways and to get back to ready to learn.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Yes, I will expect the parents to initial the boxes. Last year, my parents only saw the behavior calendar once each quarter. I think this will hold my little ones a little more accountable for their behavior.

  2. You are going to love the clip chart system now that you can move students up as well as down! I used it for the first time in my 5th grade class this year, and rarely even needed to clip anyone down! Pointing out someone doing the right thing was far more effective than pointing out someone doing the wrong thing! I'm moving this year from 5th to 2/3 and could totally use the tracking sheets, tickets and family letters in your TpT package with my little ones!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. I'd love to use your Writer's Workshop Resource Pack. I have yet to really do a formal writers workshop and so I'm sure you would have some wonderful tips about carrying out a successful writer's workshop.

  4. My Monday Made It was a behavior clip chart very similar to yours. I like the weekly sheet that goes home. I was planning on using a monthly calendar that would go home at the end of each week. The only problem with that is getting the calendar back. Maybe a weekly chart will be the way to go. Good idea!

  5. I would love to use your writers workshop AND your behavior clip system! They are both wonderful products that would help my classroom run more successfully! :)

    Crossing my fingers I win! :)

    First Grade Fancies

  6. I use a similar behavior clip system in my classroom. I would love to use your parent letter and weekly chart. I like the idea of having the students color where they ended up at the end of the day.

  7. I've used the clip chart for the past 2 years and liked the results. Our school hands out "tickets" as a schoolwide reward system so I integrated the two and came up with a system much like yours a few months ago. Hoping these systems work well in our classrooms this coming year!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  8. I would be using your Classroom Behavior Management: The Clip System Packet for dealing with students' varying behavior.

    First, I would sensitize both the parents and the students as to what is expected with respect to their behavior. Parents will be required to sign all behavior cards on a daily basis.

    Each day, students will begin at the "Ready to Learn" clip, children will be moved either up or down depending on his/her behavior.

    Students will be rewarded with tickets for good behavior only, which can be "cashed in" for a reward from the class store at the end of the week.


  9. I found you through Made It Monday. Our school has a card flip system in place. I nominated you for an award. Check it out here.

    A Very Curious Class

  10. I’m a college lecturer interested in Jungian psychology. I work with my shadow in order to improve both my teaching practice and student behaviour. I have converted my shadow dialogues into a series of animations which are available on my website http://www.gavinboyd.com Here is a dialogue with my inner rebellious teenager. Healing this part of my shadow had a positive impact in the classroom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYL9EeBNUdM&feature=share&list=PLFh0vgBqg__zcShAUbnhmLe1kpswB9uDA

  11. How do you manage this between reading groups, working with individuals and everything else that goes on during the day? Do you have 1 for each student? Do the students move the clips? I like the idea, but managing it seems taxing. Peggy

  12. What does the Teacher's Choice spot mean?