Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It for the Home and School

Monday again already?!?!
This is the first time I have a Monday Made It for my home and school. I have been very busy.
#1. First, my home Made It. I was too eager for this project that I forget to take a before picture. My mom, sister, and I are prepping for a garage sale this weekend and I found this old mirror in my basement from my college days. I was going to sell it but then I thought it would look perfect as a chalkboard in my kitchen.
The board was like a brownish/copperish color. Eww, and the mirror was all funny looking. Probably because I bought it at Big Lots.
So here is what I did...
First I spray painted the whole thing with white paint. I believe I did three coats of white. I let it dry and then I painted over the mirror part with the chalkboard paint.
If I were to do it again, I would use a brush instead of a sponge roller because the chalk is all bumpy because of air bubbles. I still love it.
#2. Now for school, I finally put together my new behavior chart.
I love the colors, the scalloped edges, and the steps that the students can move to.
#3. My third Made It is one of my TpT items. I desperately needed to revamp my grammar book. It was too boring looking. I changed the cover page, the font, and some of the wording. If you already have this make sure to re-download it. :)
#4. And my last Made It is my new before, during, and after reading question cards. I can't even think of the number of times I thought last year I would love to have a resource like this to use. I have been waiting to see if I could find anything on in the TpT/Blog world and I just never found anything I was looking for. So , I decided to just go for it. Here is what I cam up with.
There are 60 question cards. 20 for before reading, 20 for during reading, and 20 for after reading. Plus ring labels that say before, after, and during reading question cards.
Now, I need to pack up some school stuff and my little man. We are off to school to set up my classroom. I will post later to tell you how it went.

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