Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday Made It....Sticker Filer and A Flip Book

This was seriously the easiest and fastest Monday Made It I have ever done. It literally only took a trip to the Target Dollar Spot, the teacher store, 2 minutes on the computer, and BAM!

My first Monday Made It is my Stickers For The Year filer.

First, I bought the all new famous pocket filer for $1.00.

Then, I labeled all the tabs with the months of the year. I began with August, since that is the first month of the year in teacher world, and I ended with July.

Next, I placed all the new stickers I bought (I was completely out) in the appropriate month.

Finally, I made a label for the front of the sticker filer, and BAM it's done!

How easy and simple is that?!? I think I'm really going to love this one!

My next Monday Made It is a Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Flip Book. I also made some anchor charts to go with it. Check it out here.


Yours in Teaching,

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