Monday, July 15, 2013

A Just Because Giveaway!

Just because I feel like it and because I have been having some great success with my blog and TpT store I thought I would host a giveaway this week.
You have the chance to win any item from my TpT store. Check out my store then enter my giveaway. I will announce the winner Friday morning! 


  1. How fun! I would love your reading response sheets for homework. In the past I've just had my 2nd graders fill out a reading log without any accountability so I'd love to add this to my homework packet!

  2. I would love the silly sentences for daily 5. I already use your grammar and punctuation books and really like them!

  3. I would love to grab your writers workshop resources! I am a first time teacher with tons of planning!

  4. I would love your silly sentences

  5. I would grab your writers workshop resources or your silly sentences -- I can't decide at this point. I am always looking for new ways to improve my writing program -- the silly sentences I'm sure my kids would love and your writers workshop resources would make my life much easier

  6. I would be using your Classroom Behavior Management: The Clip System Packet for dealing with students' varying behavior.

    1. Letter to Parents to sensitize them about behavior and rewards system - clip chart, reward tickets, calendar/card. Parents will sign daily behavior cards/calendar.

    2. Students will also be sensitized about the behavior management system. Each day, all students' clips with their names written on it will begin at the "Ready to Learn" point on the behavior clip chart. The clips will be moved either up or down depending on his/her behavior. I may allow the students to move their clip so as to be accountable to their own behavior.

    3. Students will be rewarded with tickets for good behavior only, which can be "cashed in" for a reward from the class store at the end of the week.

    Take care

  7. Kellie, Last week I nominated you for the Liebster award but I don't know if you got the message. Go to my blog to find out more.
    First Grade by the Sea