Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thoughts on Interactive Writing???

Ok, last year I began to work on my interactive writing pack. It is something that our entire first grade team does. I wanted to "beef" it up a little. To be completely honest, I started the year off doing interactive writing and then it just fell to the way-side.
I'm hoping since I F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. finished "beefing" it up I will stick with it this year. I think I gave up because of my lack of unpreparedness (word?) and the squirrely little ones I had. They could not sit still and focus for the life of them.
Here is what I came up with and what I plan on doing.
First, I typed up all the interactive writing pieces we use in the fall. There are 12 different pieces. I just use these pieces as a guide. But, once we are in action and working on "sharing the pen" we change the wording and basically use what we have learned or already know to write.
This is what I added...
I added individual writing sheets for each students. While we are working together and "sharing the pen" the rest of my little ones will also be writing while they are seated at the carpet. Hence the name Clipboard Writers, they will be using clipboards to write on.

 Hopefully this helps with the squirrellyness ( I love making up new words.).
I made two sheets of each topic. That way I can copy them back-to-back in case I have some little ones that write extra large.
Now, I'm eager to get my Winter and Spring Clipboard Writers pack completed.
Click on the picture below to get your copy. Plus, leave a comment. I'm curious do you do interactive writing in your classroom? And how do you do it?
Yours in Teaching,