Sunday, July 14, 2013

What a Week! And A Weekly Homework Recording Sheet {Freebie} for Throwback Thursday

OMG! This has been one of the craziest weeks I have had in a long time.
First, the hubster went to fix a leaky toilet and found mold in our bathroom. Disgusting! So now we are currently working on redoing our entire bathroom. I'm secretly excited to get an updated bathroom. No more 90's pink and white tile and walls!
Then, it is like monsoon season here in Ohio. I'm pretty sure it rained for like a month straight. Our yard flooded multiple times and our basement flooded! :( Luckily, we only had junk on the floor so nothing important got ruined.
Also, the hubster has been working tons and I've been stuck at home with the little man for 4 days without internet! It's finally fixed so now I can get back to work on school things. What did we do without internet!?!? I thought I was going to go crazy.
Anyways, here is a little something that I have been working on and I'm using it as my throwback Thursday. 

I was looking back at how I managed my little one's at-home reading. It worked fine but to be truthful I only looked at the date on their reading log to make sure that they did their homework.
For this year, I want to hold them a little more accountable for their reading at home. This homework recording sheet was inspired by my teacher friend at school. It is basically the same one they use in second grade, but I will only have my little ones writing one sentence all year. Where as in second grade they write one more sentence each quarter.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, my little ones will be required to read for 10 to 15 minutes then write one sentence about the book they read. Easy Pease Lemon Squeezy.
Right now I thought I would have them complete math homework on Wednesdays, but I am pretty sure I am going to change that to something else. I am currently working on something amazing for my classroom that I will add to my TpT store. Which will probably turn into their Wednesday night homework. I just can't finish it until I can get back into the school.
Thursdays, I just want my little ones to focus on their spelling/word wall words. I still expect them to practice every night, but this will be their only focus on Thursday nights.
I also updated my parent letter that will be sent home the first night when they are required to complete their homework. I think we start school August 21st and I won't send home this homework sheet and the parent letter until September.
You can click here to get the Homework Recording Sheet.
Here is my original post from July 2012
Reading at Home for Firsties!
The other day I made a July and August checklist hoping to be a little more organized in completing my projects, instead of jumping around from one unfinished project to the next. I'm just so excited that I want to do everything at once! Ahhhhh!

The last couple of days I have been working on getting ready for the first 6 weeks. The first thing I made was a Home Reading Log. I wanted to really keep track of what type of reading my little ones are going to be doing at home. So, I included a spot for the parents to mark which ways they read together and a spot to mark how well their little ones did at the retelling. Hopefully this will work!

I am hopeful that the parents will be honest when marking how well their little one did on the retelling. I made three ways that the parents can evaluate their child.

They can mark:
E - Excellent Retelling
S - Satisfactory Retelling
D - Had Difficulty Retelling

There are 20 spots on the reading log to fill in. Once a student fills up a whole page they will get to place a sticker on an incentive pad that I will have displayed somewhere in the classroom. Once I can get in there to set up I will post pictures!!! Hopefully they finish waxing the floors soon. Eeek!

I also created a parent letter to introduce the home reading log. I tried to explain the different ways they can read together to stress that young readers become confident as readers and fluent by also listening to good readers read. They don't just have to read themselves.

You can get a copy of my Home Reading Log and Parent Letter here as a freebie!

Tell me what you think by leaving me a comment if you take my freebie! I always get excited knowing that other teachers are using my items!

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