Monday, July 29, 2013

Publishing Pencils, Reading Group Pencils, and Resource Binders Oh My!

Once again I have another Monday Made It...
My goal today was to put some of the resources I have purchased on TpT this summer in binders and to make some fabulous pencils.
This is what I started with this morning. A pile of binders, feathers, Duck Tape, pencils, and papers.
Now, here is what I did ALL this morning.
First, I put these great resources into binders.
I want to give a shout-out to Laura Martin and Lori Rosenberg for sharing these resources. I snagged Laura's Math All Year and Lori's Writing Station Activities and I Can Write...Writing Menu.
I plan to use Math All Year for independent work during my math block and Lori's writing resources are for my Work on Writing center.
To stay super organized I put all the papers in page protectors so they stay nice and crisp. Also, for the I Can...Writing Menu here is what I did.
First, I put the cover in the cover slip of the binder for easy identification. I printed it in black and white to save on color ink.
Next, I printed the menu sheets in color on cardstock, laminated them and put them in sheet protectors.

I also put a black and white version of the menu choice in the same sheet protector. I did it this way because I plan on introducing each menu choice one at a time. I will store the colored copy in the binder until it is ready to be introduced. It also makes for easy clean up at the end of the year. I will know exactly where to put each menu choice.

Finally, I put the directions sheet behind the menu choice followed by any writing papers that go with that choice. Easy Breezy!


Now, for my second Monday Made It project of the morning.
***This is not my original idea. I found it somewhere and didn't Pin it. If it is your idea, let me know and I will give you credit.***
I found this great idea for jazzing up pencils. I made two different sets. One set for my guided reading table and the other set is what I will be calling "publishing pencils".

The feathered pencils is are my "publishing pencils". I will place this in a tin can in my writing center. I'm going to have my students use these during our writing workshop time. Once they have gone through all the steps of the writing workshop and are ready to publish their work they can use a "publishing pencil". My plan is to really emphasis how to use these pencils. The are special pencils and only work if you use your Best. First. Grade. Handwriting. :)
The pencils with Duck Tape only will be at my guided reading table. Last year there was so much wasted time when it came to pencils. I always told my little ones to bring their pencil but they always managed to forget. Imagine that! Then I placed pencils at the table but they would always take them with them. It seemed like a lose-lose situation.
 This year I have a solution. I am going to have pencils at my table ready to go, but they are marked  with Duck Tape so they don't go missing. Problem solved! Hopefully!



  1. I had a problem with missing center pencils... until I put washi tape on them! This kids really did put them back!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Those First Graders are going to LOVE those publishing pencils and I bet they DO use their best handwriting. Isn't funny how adding a bit of feather or glitter makes such an amazing difference in how they write, lol.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. My first graders loved writing last year. I am really hoping I get a group that loves to write this year because I am really changing the way I do things. The publishing pencils better work wonders! :)

  3. Kelli,

    I'm so happy you are enjoying all of your new writing goodies! Thanks so much for the thoughtful shout-out!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Thank you so much Kelli! Being a new teacher to first grade this year, this post in combination with the links to the products makes my life, thus my kiddos lives much better! Thanks again!!

    1. I'm so glad this helped you out! Thanks for your thoughtful comment! :)

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster award. Stop by my blog to check it out.
    Wild & Fun in Pre-K


  6. I plan on putting tape on my pencils too. Hope it really does keep them from disappearing!

    For the Love of First Grade

  7. Good organization ideas! I need to get me some cute binders too!

    I am your newest follower!

    Mindful Rambles