Monday, August 5, 2013

Organizing All Your New TpT/Pinterest Resources and Planning Long-Term

I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with everything that I have going on, everything that I want to do, everything that needs finished, and especially with all the new ideas I want/am/need to implement this coming school year.

How do you deal with all the stress?

I have seen so many amazing ideas out in blogland this summer. My mind is constantly spinning with new ideas and how I can implement them in my classroom.

After talking to my bestest teacher friend last night, I finally think I have something that will help ease all my fears.

Today's post is going to focus on all the new teaching elements I will add to my classroom this year, plus how I plan on organizing my ideas/brain.

Here is goes....

First, here are all the resources I have worked on over the summer to get my littles started on the right foot. I wanted to get as much completed this summer as possible. Now that I am a new mom, I know I won't have as much time once I get home from school to work on grading and creating as much I have been able to do in the past.

These question cards will be printed on colored card stock, laminated, and placed at my guided reading table. We will use them during reading groups to check for understanding of the texts that we read.

I am trying a more positive classroom management tool this year. This year my little ones will be able to move up or down the clip chart depending on their behavior. They will be able to win good behavior tickets to pick out of a coupon book I purchased on Tpt (see below).

Our first grade team has always implemented interactive writing. I just jazzed it up a bit. I added writing sheets for each student to follow along. I only have the fall set ready to go. Each student will have a folder where they place the pre-typed writing or their writing piece in the folder. Just depends on how it's going.

My Grammar and Punctuation Rule Book worked wonders for introducing/practicing grammar rules. It only took 15 minutes, one day per week to implement this. I plan on doing it again this year. I just changed the font and some wording for this year.

Making Words is something that our first grade team did as well. I just made homework practice sheet with the letters all ready to go. Last year, I didn't send this home for homework, but this year I plan on sending it home every Wednesday night for homework, then on Thursday we may or may not do it again together in class. Just depends on how the week is going and what else we are doing in the classroom.

I can't wait to try out my Pirate vs. Princess Book Study Unit. This is something I did during student teaching. Now, I just have all the resources ready to go. I plan on implementing this sometime in September to get my little ones really into reading fiction books.

In first grade we spend some time learning about pumpkins. Last year I didn't have the resources I would have liked to have so I created many graphic organizers and activities to do during that time.

These Reading Response Sheets will be a great addition to reading groups and homework. I plan on teaching my little ones how to use the response sheet in reading group then I will occasionally send them home for extra comprehension homework.

My school purchased a new math curriculum for us this year. I made this pack of resources to go along with the first two chapters of the Go! Math series. I am adding a math focus board to my room this year. It is behind my guided reading table which will also be used for guided math. On the board, I will put these essential question cards and vocabulary cards. There are also several activities to be used during partner time when we have whole group math.

As part of my writing block, I created a writing keepsake. I will use this for monitoring my little ones writing and to send home at the end of the year to their parents. This is something that my little ones will complete on the last day of each month.

Writing has probably been my biggest change so far. Before our writing block only consisted of writing prompts and whole class writing. I hated it! So this year, I am doing writing workshop. I have purchased several different writing resources on TpT (see below) that I plan on using to jazz up my writing block.

Here is one of my last big changes. My littles ones will have a word work menu that they will use during Daily 5.

This is by no means a promotion of my products. I just thought with being overwhelmed it would be a good to reflect on everything by writing and sharing it with other teachers.

Second, here are all the amazing resources I have purchased from other amazing teachers out there. If you click on the pictures it will take to that product for you to get for yourself.

Math All Year! First Grade Common Core Printables!

I plan on using this resource from Laura Martin as independent practice during my math groups.

Guided Math Starter Sticks 1st Grade-Fall {Common Core/TEK

Guided Reading Starter Sticks Fall {Common Core and TEKS A

These guided reading and math starter sticks from A Modern Teacher will be used for just what they get my little ones started at guided reading and guided math.

(For some reason I can't find the link to these resources. I will keep checking.)

Classroom Reward Coupons-50+ Coupons to Reward and Inspire

These classroom coupons will be used as a companion to my classroom management clip system.

Common Core- Writing All Year Long {narrative, information

This writing pack is my biggest addition to writing. I plan on having my little ones choose what they want to write about once narrative, informative, and opinion writing as been introduced to them.

I can write a...Writing Menu

Writing Station Activities for Young Learners

I've already blogged about they two resources, but they will be used during Daily 5 at Work on Writing.


Lastly, here is what I am currently working on at the moment. I created these blank calendars and long term planning sheets to help me organize all the new resources that I have gotten over the summer and to plan long-term for lesson units and the Common Core Standards.


Click here to get your long-term planning calendars and the blank calendar so you can start planning out how your going to implement all your new ideas this school year.
Now, I can't wait until school starts so I can finally put everything into action. Once the school year starts I will be putting up more classroom happening pictures.
Yours in Teaching,

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