Monday, August 12, 2013

New Crate Labels For My New Crates

I am so wishing that I could have gone into school today, but I am staying home with my little guy. We are going to enjoy the last couple of days we have together. I am NOT ready to hand him over to the babysitter. Time went way too fast. :(
I haven't really worked on many school projects at home lately. But here is something I threw together yesterday morning. I don't have any pictures yet because this was definitely a last minute project.
This year, I am adding some crates to my room. One of the crates will hold all my Rocket Math papers. Rocket Math is something new to our district this year. It is something that we are all doing in grades 1-5. Everyday we will be required to practice math facts for 10-15 minutes. Each class will be using the Rocket Math program. It's very interesting and something that I know I'm not quite comfortable with yet. Once I figure out how to get it to run smoothly, I think it will be great to have every student practicing math facts at their own level.
The two other crates I'm adding are for writing. One crate will hold my I Can Writing Menu papers. I'm going to always have multiple copies of each writing choice that way my little ones can have everything right at their finger tips. This resource is for Work on Writing during our Daily 5 time.
The last crate will be for my early finishers writing activities. My little ones will be able to go to this crate when they are done with their writing workshop writing.
Here are the labels I created for my three new crates. I am going to print them on cardstock and laminate them. Then I plan on using binder rings to hang them from the crates. If the binder rings won't work, I will just hot glue them to the crates.

Happy Monday Made It!

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  1. would it be possible for you to make me a Rocket Math Subtration cover page like your addition one above?? Kathy