Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Management: Clip System or Class Dojo???

The key to a VERY successful year is having a meaning classroom management system in place.
I have tried managing my little ones behavior two different ways. Well, maybe three...
Two things I have used in the past are the clip system and Class Dojo. Have you every heard of Class Dojo or used it?
I used Class Dojo my first year when I taught second grade. I was actually going to give it a try again this year until I made my own clip system. I'm going to explain how I have used both in the past and what I "plan" on doing this year. My plan might change depending on the needs of my little ones.
Classroom Management: The Clip System
During the first week of school, I introduce the clip system to my little ones. We go over classroom rules, I show them the clip chart, teach them how to use, and we practice modeling good and bad behavior choices.
Once I have gone over my expecations with my little ones, I send home this parent letter. I want to keep them as informed as possible so that they know what my behavior expectations are.
Something new that I am going to try out this year is adding the positive reinforcement aspect to the clip system. In the past, all I had was green, yellow, red, and blue. Once one of my little ones moved to a spot they could not move back to green. I was never really a fan of this style.
So this year if one of my little ones moves to yellow they have the opportunity to move back to green, but once they move to orange or blue they can not move back to yellow or green. Hopefully that's not too confusing.
To keep parents informed and to keep track of my little one's behaviors, they will be given time at the end of each day to fill in their behavior calendar. This is also something new. Last year, my little ones filled in their calendars but the parents didn't see them until grade cards went home. As a grade-level, we decided that it is important for that calendar to go home every night so that our little ones can be held accountable for their behavior and the choices that they make during the school day.
Here is an example of the behavior calendar that I will send home nightly.
Another option I created is to send home a different calendar each week. I like the monthly version because it saves on paper, but some people/parents prefer a weekly update.
Another thing I am doing differently is adding point values to my good behavior colors. I want to award my little ones for making good choices. Now! I'm not going to just let my little ones move up the chart because of expected behavior. I am going to be looking for the student who goes above and beyond. I am not the teacher that just hands of "treats" for no reason. So most days, my little ones will probably just be on Ready to Learn.
If one of my little ones moves to purple or pink, they will get a "good behavior" ticket at the end of the day. I just used the black and white version and printed the tickets on colored paper. The green tickets are worth 1 point, purple is worth 2 points, and pink is worth 1 point. (I already have them printed and cut. I just forgot to take a picture. :/ )
If you would like a copy of my Classroom Management: The Clip System pack click the link or the picture below.
 Now, have you ever tried Class Dojo???
When I taught second grade, my little ones absolutely loved it! I used it one while still using the clip system.

It is really pretty cool. If for some reason my little ones don't respond to the clip system I will give this a try.

Here are a couple of features:

1. You can add the names of your students and they can choose their avatars. They are like little cute monsters.

2. The get points for positive behaviors and negative behaviors. You can preset what behaviors your looking for.

3. You can display it one your SMART Board so your little ones can give themselves the points just like they would move their clips.

4. You can use your Droid or iPhone as a remote to control the board.

5. Parents can have access to the website to track their little ones behavior.

6. You can print behavior progress reports to send home to the parents.

7. It keeps a percentiale tracker of how many positive and negative points your giving out. So, I tried to stay 80% positive throughout the entire school year.

8. You can use it to take attendance.

9. There is also a timer you can use.

There are so many more things you can do with this. It is a really great management tool that is fun for you and your little ones. Plus, it's FREE!

(I tried to take screen shots but it wouldn't let me. You'll just have to go and check it out yourself. Click the picture above for the direct link!)

Yours in Teaching,


  1. I like that you mentioned monitoring yourself. Making sure you maintain a high positive rate is important. I can see myself forgetting that sometimes. Having a number (like 80%) is a great tip! I'm planning on using this tool for the first time this year. I'm excited to see how it works out!

    Sweet in Seventh

  2. Hi Kelli,

    I see that you are also a grade one teacher. I am teaching grade one for the first time next year and am wondering if you thought Class Dojo works well for that age. Let me know your thoughts!


    1. Class Dojo worked wonders for my second graders. I haven't tried it with first grade, but I am sure they would love it just as much!

  3. I was wondering how you used the clip system while still using Class Dojo?