Saturday, July 20, 2013

Facebook Fan Freebie! And Making Words Through The Year

I am so excited that I finally figured out how to add the Fan Freebies app to my Facebook Page.
Here's my plan...
Every Friday of the month, I will link up one of my TpT store items or something that I used in my classroom for the week for free. But, here is the catch, it will only be free for that day. So you better like my facebook page and if you are already a fan you should probably check it out too!
Become a fan and you will get this week's Fan Freebie.
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Now, for how I/my team organizes and implements Making Words.
My teaching team is made up of six first grade teachers. We have one basket that we share for making words. So, we have a schedule that tells us who is responsible for making that student's making words baggies for the week.
Sorry I don't have pictures. But there are three baskets. The largest basket holds gallon sized Ziploc baggies for each letter of the alphabet. Then there is also a basket with cut up sentence strips that have all the words we use for making words. Plus, all the smaller words you can make from that week's mystery word. The third basket is what we use to hold that class sets of letters (the ones we have to make up each week, which I hate doing BTW!).
Then, each teacher is assigned a day of the week and a time to do making words in our rooms. I do making words on Thursdays in the afternoon.
But, I send home the making words recording sheets that you can find in the Making Words Through The Year packet on Mondays. My students are to do it for homework and then return the sheet on Thursdays. We will then go over them together in class and practice making words together.
I recently finished the Making Words Through The Year packet. Before our team would just have the students fill in the boxes with letters, but this year I thought it would save time and energy by creating recording sheets that are already completed.
Here is an example of what the recording sheets look like.

And, here is an example of what the letter tile sheets look like.
In the packet, you will find, 29 different words sheets with the letter already scrambled up, letter tile pages that tell you how many sheets to print and on what color of paper, teacher directions, and a list of the words that is included.
Click the picture below to check it out in my TpT store.
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