Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Differentiated Writing Activities

I can't believe I actually found some time this Thanksgiving break to make two writing activities for my first graders!
I like to make writing as hands-on and interactive as possible. I was not much of a writer when I was growing up so I want to make it as interesting for my students as possible.
This winter I plan on using both of my differentiated writing packs that are perfect for all learners. We all know that all of our classrooms contain learners at all levels. My class this year has some extremely high learners and some extremely low learners. I came up with these differentiated writing activities that will keep all of my students engaged and excited about learning.
First, I created my "What's My Elf Name?" writing activity.

I can't wait to see the excitement in my first graders faces when they figure out their elf names. I think that alone will keep them engaged and excited about this writing project.
Following the elf names, I will have my students write about their "elf" experiences at the North Pole!
Second, I created "How to Make Hot Chocolate" a how-to writing activity.

 My plan is to squeeze this in before Christmas break because I am also going to use this as parent gifts this year, but if I don't get it in it will work great in January or February too.
 Our school is all about getting rid of the "extra" and making everything as academic as possible. I get it and that's fine but I still want my first graders to get the time to be creative. That's why I made making hot chocolate a combination of something fun, academic, and a holiday gift idea. Nothing like killing three birds with one stone! Right!?!
You can get each of these separately or bundle for 20%!! Plus, they are on sale today and tomorrow!
Be sure to check back as I write a more detailed post about what these activities actually looked like in my classroom.

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