Sunday, July 1, 2012

Linked Up in my first Linky Party...Fabulous Friday Finds

I know two posts in one day. I'm CRAZY....BORED!!

I'm going to attempt to link up in my first linky party. I found Fun in Room 4B's Fabulous Friday Finds Linky Party and I had just gone to the store the other day and found some Fabulous Finds!!

So here are my finds...

The first find was thanks to my Old Lady. She texted me a picture of this fun light. She wrote no questions on her's, but I wrote teaching. This is an old trick, but I don't have anything like it so I thought I would snatch it up at the...wait for it (How I Met Your Mother quote hehe).... DOLLAR TREE!!! The best cheapie store ever!

Here are some of my other finds...
Tubs that large enough to hold clip boards and papers from Wal-Mart. I will be using them for my guided math time.
Crazy straws for classroom birthdays.
Mini Tote bags for I don't know what...yet. :)
Mini frogs for game pieces.
small colored craft sticks (first time I've ever saw small ones).
oh, and just a random ole' ice cube tray!!!

And more good news, I just talked to the Mr. and we are going to the BIG CITY (Columbus, Ohio) tomorrow and we get to stop at the teacher store!!! I'm def. not going to be able to sleep tonight!

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