Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yummy in My Tummy Cupcake Addition/Subtraction Facts to 12

The Mr. started a new job last week and I have had TONS of alone time. It was nice at first but now I am beginning to get super bored! The good that has come of this alone time is that I have all the time in the world to make items for school next year. YAY!

My ultimate goal this summer was to get organized to try my first year of Daily 5. Last year, I did something very similar so I think the transition will be easy for me. Plus, I am Oober (spelling? :) ) excited to not have to grade a million papers each day!

June is was designated to finding inspiration and making a couple items.

This month, July, is designated to lesson planning. My goal is to be 1-2 months ahead of schedule all year. So for July, I am going to focus on September and October. I have millions of ideas flowing through my noggin'. I should probably start using my Teacher Idea Notepads to write down my ideas before I forget them!

So this morning's project was Yummy in My Tummy Cupcake Math! As I was looking through my math scope and sequence, I realized that I didn't have any center activities for Addition/Subtraction facts to 12, ordering numbers, and ordinal numbers for the beginning of the year. So I made this packet to use. I figured I would use these delicious cupcakes because I could go back to them anytime throughout the year if any of my littles struggle with basic math facts.

For this 38 page math center packet, I made addition/subtraction facts to 12, ordering numbers, and ordinal numbers to 12. I also have included student fill in sheets so that I can monitor my little's work. Ok, so maybe I will still have to do some grading. There is no way getting around that one! :)

You can get your copy at my TpT store here!

Later today, I would like to work on some more projects. Wish me luck and come back in a couple days or tonight to check them out! Depending on how long it takes me to finish them.

Yours in Teaching,

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