Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Made It: Lesson Plan Template

This week has gone by so quickly. I feel like I was just posting about my new anchor charts that I made last week.

I have yet to get crafty this summer, but for this week's Monday Made It I think I have my final copy of my lesson plan template for next school year. I tweaked a couple of things to make it more teacher friendly.

Last years template didn't have a whole lot of writing space. This year I am going to write more detailed plans. I also want to write little notes. Like what worked, what didn't work, and how I could improve a lesson for the next time.

For the mornings, on the left side of the template, I have my master schedule. Since I'm still doing Daily 5 my mornings are pretty much the same every day. I added a mini block for my guided reading plans (I also have another template for just guided reading). I generally meet with three guided reading groups each day. I always begin with my lowest reading group and they get reading instruction every day by myself and our Title One teacher. I also meet with my average group every day. My third time block rotates my high/average and my high readers every other day.

I do not do Daily 5 on Fridays. I think it is still important for my students to work independently on some seat work. Fridays we kind of use a catch up day to finish any work that didn't get completed during the week. I also use this time to assess some of the skills that we had covered earlier in the week. While my littles are working on their seatwork I meet with students to have a reading conference.

For the afternoons, my days are a little mixed up. First grade has their specials in the afternoon and mine are at all different times. It drives me crazy but my littles don't seem to care and eventually they get use to the schedule.

On the left side I have a place to plan for my math centers. I am going to be using the Down Under Teachers math labels to start up my math centers this next school year. I am only going to change the centers once per week. There are 4 different centers and we will only be doing guided math/math centers 4 days out of the week. So it works perfectly. :)

I also have a place to write my plans for my writing workshop mini lessons. This is something new that will be taking place this year as well.

My favorite new spot on my lesson plan template is my planning time spot on Friday afternoons. I have art for an hour Friday afternoons. I still haven't decided itfthis is a good thing or a bad thing! :) I left a spot to write little reminders of things I need to get done during this time. Last year I didn't have that space and I was very unorganized when it came time to plan on a Friday afternoon. :/

Next week I hope to have something crafty! But we will see.

Yours in Teaching,

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