Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Teacher Always Says...

I love summer and I love linky parties! I'm having a hard time coming up with things to blog about so I'm going to join in with the linky craze all summer long. That is until August, when I get to start setting up my room and really get going for the upcoming school year. I have decided that I'm going to enjoy as much time with my little man as possible. Time is going way too fast.

I love this linky party idea! I say so many crazy things I say. Sometimes I worry because I don't know if my littles go home and repeat some of the things I say. :/

This first one I say Every. Single. Time. we go into the hallway. I think I need to retire this one. I'm getting bored with it. I'm thinking of trying a new hallway behavior management tool next year. But I'll save that for another time. Hint. Hint. It might just be my Monday Made It for next week! ;)

I like how... is something I say when the class is getting a little restless. I use it to point out a positive behavior. Once I do that the rest of my littles try and mimic that behavior. It's just something plain and simple, but I like it. It's kind of old school.

"Jiminy Crickets" is something I say when I'm getting a little frustrated. I used this one a lot last year. With being pregnant and a VERY difficult class I needed something to keep me calm. I always said it in a silly voice, but when I used it my littles would just smile and change their behavior because they knew I wasn't happy.

"Oh bejesus (spelling?)" is a what I say when a little one shocks me with one of their crazy stories and I just don't know how to respond. Which happened quite often last year. For example,  Little - "Mrs. Eddleblute, look I can dance like a dead spider." Me - "Oh, bejesus!" (This really happened, with movements and my little laying on the floor wiggling.)

I used this saying A LOT to get my littles attention. I mainly use it during Daily 5 to get their attention when I need to say something, but I also used it to stop partner work and independent work. It works great because my littles repeat back by saying "one, two, eyes on you!"

I always call my littles smart cookies. Especially when they shock me with something that I am surprised that they even know. This always puts a smile on their face!

I don't know how many times I say this along with "stretch it out". I very rarely will help my littles spell words. I am all about inventive spelling and using resources in the classroom to help you spell. By the end of the school year, my littles know not to ask because I will not tell them. They will either get "use the word wall" or "stretch it out".

This saying I say when a little asks me a silly question. I say it in a squeaky, silly voice. Once I say it they realize that they already know the answer.
There are many other quirky things I say. Just the other day I called me little man a "pumpkin noodle". How I came up with that I have no idea. My husband is starting to say silly things too, but most of the time he just laughs and calls me crazy! But oh well, it is me and I like being me!
Yours in Teaching,


  1. Hi Kelli,
    I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

    Jessica @ Wild About Firsties

  2. Kelli, thank you so much for joining me for this linky. I'm enjoying reading all these teacher mantras. I'm so not about telling me kids how to spell words either. Thanks again!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First